How to use public transportation in smart is very important to enjoy budget travel in Japan because Taxi fares are extremely high and there is no GRAB service in Japan.

Unfortunately, the payment method for public transportation is very primitive compared to Singapore.
Basically, you need to pay in Japanese Yen each time. Whenever you want to use public transportation, you have to check the fare and buy the right ticket at the embarkment station.

It’s very ridiculous!

However, we Giamso Tours is a specialist in Japan Travel, so we can let you know useful knowledge for your annoy less Japan Travel.

1. Japan Rail Pass / Regional Rail Pass

JR pass is provided by Japan Railway Group (JR) that has the most economical and convenient transportation network throughout Japan. JR Pass enables you to ride most of all parts of the JR transportation network at an amazingly economical price! So you do not need to buy any tickets when you use the JR transportation network.

Regional Rail Pass is partial pass of the JR transportation network. It is limited to specific area but cheaper than JR pass.

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2. Welcome Suica Card

Suica card is a rechargeable contactless smart card and electronic money system like an EZ-Link card. You can add the balance at the ticket vending machines at most of all JR stations (cash only) and you can ride by cashless.
Most Japanese use Suica and Welcome Suica is designed for foreign travelers in Japan.
You can purchase Welcome Suica at a limited place.

Furthermore, Suica can be used on much public transportation other than JR, so you should purchase Welcome Suica even if you use the JR Pass.


Welcome Suica has a 28-day expiration date and its deposit amount is not refundable.
However, you can use Suica not only for the transportation ride but also for shopping in many stores. It is easy for you to use all of the amounts during your Japan Travel.

3. How to get JPY

To use Welcome Suica, JPY is needed. Not only for Welcome Suica, but you will also realize JPY is important during your Japan Travel.
No need to worry about it. Go to the convenience store when you need JPY. You can withdraw JPY with your credit card at the ATM in a convenience store (Some of the convenience stores also have foreign currency exchange machines).


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