I am Japanese living in Singapore. Many Singaporeans often ask me about earthquakes in Japan. It is because Japan has a wide image of being a country with many earthquakes.

The Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) may have helped to enhance that image.


You should be afraid of The earthquake in Japan?


–  It is definitely NO.


Japan is not No.1 in earthquake

Firstly, in fact, Japan is not No.1in the world in the Average number of earthquakes per year (UNDP (2015). Reducing Disaster Risk: A challenge for Development, P143). It is only No.4!

Is it enough high rank? haha. Please see the higher-risk country.


Rank  Name  The average number per year
1 China 2.10
2 Indonesia 1.62
3 Iran 1.43
4 Japan 1.14


More earthquakes have been observed in China, Indonesia, and Iran than in Japan. Do you have an image of those countries as dangerous countries due to earthquakes?

Secondly, only one earthquake is listed from Japan in “the 10 deadliest earthquakes in human history“. It occurred nearly one hundred years ago in Japan (The great Kanto earthquake).

Japan is very far from the Champion of the earthquake.


Japan has extremely high earthquake resistance standards

Japan has updated the “Building Standards Act” each time through numerous earthquakes. After the Great Kanto Earthquake, the earthquake resistance standards and fire resistance standards were greatly revised.
As a result of it, even in the Great Tohoku Earthquake(2011), buildings (that were built according to the new standards) were rarely collapsed.


If you have an earthquake during your Japan Travel


In Japan today, there is almost no danger from an earthquake, and there is no need to refrain from traveling for fear of an earthquake.

If you’re lucky enough to encounter an earthquake during your Japan Travel, you’ll be able to see Japanese people enjoying the earthquake rather than being surprised at all.