JR Pass is the smart way of Japan Travel

Want efficient and economical Japan Travel?

Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is the BEST solution for it.

The JR Pass offers an incredibly economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail.

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JR Pass will expand your itinerary

You are free to take the train throughout Japan during the validity period of JR Pass. No need to worry about your budget anymore!

Suddenly feel like changing your itinerary during traveling?
Just change it!

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JR Pass gives you freedom.


What is JR Pass?
JR pass is provided by Japan Railway Group (JR) that has the most economical and convenient transportation network throughout Japan. You can trip to Osaka from Tokyo around 3 hours by JR transportation network.

JR Pass enables you to ride most of all parts of the JR transportation network at an amazingly economical price!
A regular round-trip JR ticket from Tokyo to Osaka is around 30,000YEN. You can purchase a 7-day JR pass for less.

The JR pass is the Privilege for short-term travelers.

You don't need to trip to Kagoshima from Hokkaido? You can also choose "Regional Japan Rail Pass" for a more economical price.
Please contact us and we can find you the right Regional JR Pass for you.
Who is eligible to buy (Regional) JR Pass?
The JR Pass is a special fare pass that is available only to foreign travelers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sightseeing on a "*Temporary Visitor" visa.

To be eligible to purchase the JR Pass, you must meet the conditions. If you do not meet the qualifications for using the JR Pass, you will be unable to use it. Please confirm the usage qualifications thoroughly prior to purchasing it.

*"Temporary Visitor" entry status, according to Japanese Immigration Law, allows a stay in Japan of 15days or 90days for "sightseeing, etc." If you aply for a "stay for sightseeing" when you enter Japan, entry personnel will stamp your passport as "Temporary Visitor". Only persons who have a passport bearing this stamp can use a JR Pass.
If you use an automated gate, no stamp will be applied to your passport. Either use a manned automated gate or ask a clerk to apply the stamp to your passport.
However, customers who have a "registered user card" under the Trusted Traveler Program will be required to show the card to confirm the "Temporary Visitor" status.
How to get (Regional) JR Pass?
You can purchase an Exchange Order at Giamso before you leave for Japan. After you purchase, Giamso will provide a voucher to you.

After you arrive in Japan, please present the Voucher at a JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange office in a major JR station with your passport.