Photography has always been important in Travel because the photos are the crystal of our experience of traveling. Today, thanks to the popularity of SNS such as Instagram, its importance is even greater. On Instagram, #sweets is one of the most popular topics so I will introduce you most popular sweets in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2021. Please refer to this article for your next Travel to Japan. The ranking is based on the survey of “rurubu&more” which is a reliable web publication based on their interviews.

3. Unomachi coffee shop Shibuya

“Unomachi Coffee Shop Shibuya” opened in July 2021. The place is surrounded by approximately 1000 books, so you will feel it as a cozy library with sweets.
The most popular menu is “Creme Brulee seasonal parfait”. You can enjoy piles of various tastes.

2. Kyoto Uji Fujii Meien

The “Kyoto Uji Fujii Meien” is a green tea cafe where you can taste the tea from the long-established tea garden “Kyoto Uji Fujii Tea Garden” that has been cultivating Uji tea since the Muromachi period.

You can enjoy photogenic sweets made by traditional green tea.

1. Flippers

At “FLIPPER’S”, they offer the “Miracle Pancakes” which are carefully thought out for each ingredient and cooking method. They have won the hearts of many fans, and the shop has many customers every day.

What do you think about the ranking? I hope it helps your planning to travel to Japan from Singapore.

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